Saturday, June 23, 2007

PRESS RELEASE, 18 June 2007

24 August to 11 November 2007

This autumn, the Stadsgalerij Heerlen will present the exhibition Encounters. Encounters examines the tension between the dominant visual culture, often confirmed by the ‘official’ media, and possible alternative visions. Encounters exhibits a variety of projects that are intended to break through the ‘stereotype’ images in order to tell another, personal story.
The exhibition can be interpreted as an open space in which visitors can become conscious of their own ‘preconceived’ images and the choices that lay at the foundation of accepting or rejecting encounters that may or may not be uncomfortable for them. The participating artists each show how fertile it can be to choose to do so. The works function as an ‘Archimedean point’, as a starting point for people to ask questions about themes such as democratisation, emancipation, and globalisation.

Reza Abedini (IR) & Hans Wolbers (NL), Azra Akšamija (AT), Luis Berríos-Negrón (PR), Nele Decock (B), Erik Franssen (NL), Pieter Geenen (BE), Mariam Ghani (US), Maximilian Goldfarb (US), G.R.A.M. (AT), Eytan Heller (IL), Rob Hornstra (NL), Stani Michiels (B), Anoek Steketee (NL), Niels Stomps (NL), The Institute for Infinitely Small Things (US), Partizan Publik en Prospektor (NL)

The exhibition is organised in co-operation with the Glaspaleis and the multidisciplinary summer festival Cultura Nova and can be seen at various locations in the Glaspaleis: in the Stadsgalerij Heerlen, the display case and level +1.

Encounters II is developed by freelance curator Femke Lutgerink at the invitation of the Stadsgalerij Heerlen. Encounters I was exhibited at the Mills Gallery in Boston (USA) at the beginning of 2007. This initial version primarily emphasised the ‘design’ of daily public life in countries with (former) totalitarian regimes. For Encounters II, she has broadened and expanded on this theme.

Opening hours
Monday: closed, Tuesday-Friday: 11-17, Thursday: 11-20, Saturday/Sunday/public holidays: 13-17. The +1 location of the Glaspaleis is open during the same hours.

During the Cultura Nova Festival (24 August to 2 September) and on Thursday evenings from 17-20, the exhibition is free admission.

De Stadsgalerij
Bongerd 18, Heerlen